Multifamily Real Estate Portfolio

Targets undervalued multifamily properties displaying distress or other potential.

  • 4-6 Hold Period (Years)
  • 12-15 Target # of Properties
  • Multifamily Property Type

$500 minimum investment


Acquiring Undervalued Targets undervalued apartment buildings (aka multifamily properties) where the seller is distressed and/or we can create value in markets with strong fundamentals.

Portfolio Diversification With one investment, Investors own a share in many apartment buildings (aka a portfolio).

Expert Management Professionally managed fund - investors benefit from our experienced team's expertise.

Value-Add Strategy Drives returns through a value-add strategy using strategic acquisitions, renovations and better property management.

Long-Term Appreciation Aims to generate appreciation over a 4-6 year hold period.

Investment Thesis

  • Recessions Create Buying Opportunities as Asset Values Fall Recessions create opportunities for savvy investors. As the economy contracts, asset values fall, creating the potential for higher returns for those who invest when others hesitate.
  • Multifamily Poised for Growth Due to Cooling Demand from Rising Rates Our fund is launching at a time when multifamily real estate is poised for growth. Rising interest rates have cooled demand, leading to more balanced markets after a period of overheating. Distressed buying opportunities are emerging.
  • Multifamily Historically Outperforms Other Property Types During Downturns Multifamily has historically shown resilience, outperforming other property types during economic downturns. With constrained supply and steady demand for rental housing, apartments stand ready to absorb renters that can’t afford to own homes.
  • We Aim to Acquire Undervalued and Distressed Assets to Capitalize on Opportunities We aim to take advantage of these market opportunities by acquiring undervalued or distressed multifamily assets. Our value-add business plan targets appreciating returns over a 4-6 year hold.

Investment Strategy

Our fund acquires a diversified portfolio of multifamily properties across US growth markets.

This strategy offers:

  • Diversification across multiple apartment buildings in various and markets to balance risk
  • Diversification away from the stock market
  • Potential to benefit from this rare market-driven opportunity to buy real estate at distressed prices
  • Value-add renovations to drive rents and appreciation over time

Track Record

  • 30,000+ Investors
  • 12 Multifamily Assets
  • 1m sq. ft. Rentable Space
  • 500k Community Members


Capital Raise

The capital raise phase begins when the fund opens for investments. Proceeds are used to purchase assets as the acquisition phase begins. This phase continues until the fund is fully capitalized, targeting 6-12 months.


The fund begins acquiring the first multifamily assets for the portfolio, often before the capital raise closes as the phases overlap.

Value Add

Acquired properties undergo renovations - updates to interiors, exterior improvements, landscaping, and professional on-site management.


Once renovations complete, properties enter the cash-flowing phase, naturally appreciating as rents are collected.


Assets are sold based on market conditions, with no set timeline. This phase may overlap other phases.


Profits are distributed to investors as cash or reinvested into a new fund.


Craig Cecilio

Co-Founder & CEO

  • Founder & CEO with 25+ years in real estate and deals
  • Led over 1,000 transactions across asset classes
  • Drives vision for democratized wealth creation

Alan Lewis

Co-Founder & CIO

  • Over $41 billion in transactions during career
  • Experience includes acquisitions and portfolio restructurings for a $6 billion real estate fund

Isaac Dixon

SVP Real Estate

  • Oversees acquisition and management of over $200M of multifamily assets

Kevin Smith


  • Worked with regulators globally to draft new investment laws and regulations
  • Built legal and compliance operations from the ground up without a playbook

How you get paid

Real Estate Lets Your Money Work Over Time Real estate is a “buy and be patient”, “set it and forget it” kind of investment. Value increases for investors are generated from forced appreciation we create from improving the properties and market appreciation from holding the assets patiently for multiple years.

Reap the Rewards of Patience As a long-term hold investment, profits from the sale of the apartment buildings are distributed to investors when we start to sell buildings in the portfolio at the end of the 4-6 year lifecycle. Investors may take profits as a cash payout or reinvest into a new offering.

The fund may, but does not currently expect to, make interim distributions before the end of the 4-6 year lifecycle

True Growth Isn't Always Immediate Unlike the stock market where you can see values go up or down each day, we don’t report on an increase of value until the properties sell at the end of the 4-6 years.