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Multifamily Real Estate Investing

DiversyFund’s proprietary fintech platform offers every investor access to institutional-quality real estate.



As a leading fintech platform focused on alt-investments...

DiversyFund is trusted by a community of 300,000 (and growing) investors that relies on our strategies to diversify their investment portfolios.

Offering real estate investment opportunities with a 5-7-year horizon and a fully hands-off process for our investors, managed by an expert team of real estate and investment professionals.

DiversyFund’s Process-Driven
Value-Add Strategy

01 Capital Raise

The fund or asset is open to investors and initial capital is being raised and deployed to purchase multifamily properties or fund the asset.

02 Acquisition

Multifamily assets are purchased following a rigorous vetting process that identifies properties we believe offer excellent growth opportunities.

03 Renovation

Professional management is overseeing construction, maintenance, or upgrades as part of the value-add strategy.

04 Stabilization

Renovations are completed, and the asset has entered the natural appreciation stage.

05 Liquidation

The fund/asset is nearing the end of the cycle, and the time is right to seek potential buyers.

06 Distribution

The single asset or portfolio of properties is sold, and the net proceeds are distributed to investors.

*REITs are required by IRS rules to distribute 90% of net profits to investors in the fund

Did you know?

At any one point in time, assets in the portfolio can be in more than one phase due to market conditions.

Example: A property is being renovated while it is collecting rents.

We’ve Invested in Multifamily Properties Across the US

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Our mission at DiversyFund is to provide access to private real estate assets to everyone – from the novice investor starting their investment journey to accredited pros seeking exclusive opportunities to further diversify their portfolio and benefit from historically high returns.

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The DiversyFund app lets you monitor and track the performance of your investments.

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