We were founded with a mission in mind

We do this with institutional-quality multifamily private-market real estate.

For decades, only the wealthy had access to private-market real estate assets. The JOBS act of 2012 made it possible for everyone to invest in institutional-quality real estate by removing barriers that previously made it impossible. Our fintech platform is dedicated to helping investors add the power of wealth creation through real estate to their portfolios.

We have brought together a team of professionals

-With decades of experience across real estate and investing-

To help us offer wealth-building opportunities to everyone, accredited or not, with our value-add real estate growth plans.

Craig Cecilio

Co-Founder and Chief

Executive Officer

Craig Cecilio is the Founder/CEO of DiversyFund. He imagines a world where everyone has an equal opportunity to build wealth and believes the American Dream should be available to everyone, regardless of socioeconomic status. Over his 25+ years of experience in capital raising, deal structuring, and the real estate industry, Craig has conducted over 1,000 transactions encompassing development, financing, and syndicating projects across multiple verticals, including but not limited to residential, multifamily, and commercial asset classes.

Alan Lewis

Co-Founder and Chief

Investment Officer

Alan Lewis is the Co-Founder/CIO of DiversyFund. With his Wall Street background and credentials in corporate law and real estate private equity, Alan brings the investment knowledge and skills needed to build diversified portfolios for our investors. He has worked on transactions totalling over $41 billion over the course of his career, including acquisitions and portfolio restructurings for a $6 billion real estate fund.