Single-Asset Offerings Designed for Accredited Investors

Limited Availability

Premier offerings showcase multifamily real estate assets that are intended for investors looking to build long-term wealth by investing in less-volatile assets.

Our single-asset offerings give accredited investors like you the opportunity to invest in a single multifamily real estate property. Choosing a single asset allows greater control of your investment strategy and provides the potential for greater returns on your investment.

Am I Accredited?

Simply put, becoming an accredited investor means you have an annual income (over the past 2 years) of over $200K. Joint accredited investors have an annual income of over $300K. You can also qualify as an accredited investor if you have over $1 million in assets excluding your primary residence.

*As with any financial decision, interested parties should consult a certified/licensed advisor before investing. DiversyFund, Inc. (“DiversyFund”) is not a tax advisor. Please consult a tax professional with any questions relating to taxes.


Annual Income exceeds $200,000 for last 2 years


Net Worth of over $1 million (not including primary residence)


Joint Income exceeds $300,000 for last 2 years


Net Worth of over $1 million (not including primary residence)


Premier offerings provide a range of benefits for accredited investors, from helping you better diversify your portfolio to protect against market volatility to giving you a choice of targeted investment assets based on their unique locations and features.

Depreciation Pass-Through and Cost Segregation

With current IRS rules, owners and investors in commercial multifamily properties can depreciate the value of an asset every year, typically through a process called cost segregation. This process reduces both the property’s taxable income and tax liability. This incentive for owner/investors to maximize the depreciation amount each year provides unique tax benefits not available with most asset classes. As with any investment decision you make, you should consult with a certified/licensed tax advisor to evaluate your specific needs.

Lower Fees & Less Stress

With a single-asset investment, you can add to your long-term wealth-building plan without incurring the stress and financial strain of owning a residential asset. Lower fees can provide an increased opportunity for profitability, making a DiversyFund Premier Offering a smart addition to your portfolio.

Targeted Property-Specific Data and Analysis

Our Premier Offerings let you invest in a single asset, which has been thoroughly vetted and researched by our team. Property-specific data and analysis give you the information you need to make an informed decision as an accredited investor. You can select your investment based on its unique features and corresponding benefits, giving you more control over your portfolio and potential gains.

In 4 Easy Steps

Investing in commercial real estate is easy with our Premier Offerings. Here’s how it works:

01 The Evaluation Period

During the evaluation period, you’ll be provided necessary information and disclosures about the Premier Offering so you can decide whether to invest in this offering. During this time, you can consult with your tax professional or other financial representative to weigh the risks and benefits before you proceed.

02 Submitting an Offer

Once you’ve decided to invest, you will be invited to submit an offer. At this point, you’ll enter in the amount you want to offer, at or above the minimum investment level, and hit the “Submit Investment” button.

03 Accreditation Verification

After submitting your offer, you’ll be asked to complete the accredited investor verification process. Your investment will remain in pending status until your accreditation is confirmed, but don’t worry–our team will handle the verification process for you. Closing documents can be signed electronically for added convenience.

04 Funding

After you’ve been confirmed as an accredited investor, you’re locked into your account and ready to begin your investment in our Premier Offerings. We will work to confirm the receipt of your funds, so there’s nothing else to do on your part.

It’s That Simple!

With our streamlined investing process, you can invest in Premier Offerings and add single-asset real estate opportunities to your investment strategy to hedge against inflation and diversify your portfolio. For more details on how signing up for our Premier Offerings works.

Get Started

Premier Offerings

Here is an overview of our current active offerings.

The Independent

The Independent
  • Active
  • Premier Offering

Located less than a mile from the coast, the Independent is a 61-unit midrise multifamily asset. Floor plans are evenly spread among studio, 1-bedroom, and 2-bedroom configurations in a four-story concrete and steel construction. The building went through extensive renovations in 2014 to convert previous office and commercial space into apartments on the 1st and 2nd floors. A single commercial tenant and 11,000 s.f. of vacant commercial space remain on the 1st floor.

Min Investment$50K
ObjectiveLong-term growth
Geo FocusSand City, CA

DiversyFund Venture Investment

DiversyFund Venture Investment
  • Active
  • Premier Offering

DiversyFund, Inc. is opening shares for purchase to the accredited investing community. Since its inception in 2015, DiversyFund has been on a mission to democratize real estate investing, making multifamily real estate investing easy and accessible through fintech.

Minimum Investment $25K
Objective Venture Capital


Multifamily Fund

Multifamily Fund

This fund targets undervalued apartment buildings where the seller is distressed or value can be created in strong markets. With one investment, investors own a share of multiple properties for diversification. An experienced team professionally manages the fund, driving returns through strategic acquisitions, renovations, and improved property management. The fund aims to generate appreciation over a 4-6 year hold.

Accepting investments$500-$1M
Target # of Properties12-15
Hold period4-6 years
Property TypeMultifamily