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We are a fintech investing platform – led by investment professionals with decades of experience and a history of successfully navigating the private real estate market.

A varied community of Over 500K and growing

$224 M of current estimated market value*

1M sq. ft. of rentable square footage

Across 6 States CA, FL, NC, SC, TX, UT

Why Partner with DiversyFund?

On-Demand Access

Our intuitive app and easy-to-use dashboard make it easy to review offerings and invest in alternative assets, specifically private real estate.

Experience You Can Trust

Our co-founders bring over 50 years of combined investing and real estate experience to the platform. Partner that with a leadership team with decades of work in the real estate and investing space, and you have a company you can trust to meet your client’s portfolio needs.

Meticulously Researched Assets

Whether your clients are looking to invest in a REIT or a single-asset offering, they can rest assured our properties are carefully vetted for their location, cost, and potential profitability.

Hands-Off Investing

Because our team works so hard to vet and acquire properties for investment, there’s nothing for you or your clients to do. This hands-off approach makes investing in real estate simple and hassle-free.

A Track Record to Prove It

A growing community of over 300,000 have joined DiversyFund, making us a leader in the fintech space. We support this community with our team of experts and a passion for helping people of all backgrounds build their personal wealth.

1745 Units Acquired

21.5% Weighted Avg IRR1

$81,401,8942 Equity Raised

1 IRR is reported net of sponsor fees and carried interest. Multifamily for these purposes means residential apartment buildings with more than 5 units. Past performance does not guarantee future results. 2. Equity raised includes all DiversyFund REITs and includes any stock dividends as of 04/01/2023.
Craig Cecilio

Our CEO and co-founder, Craig Cecilio, has made it his mission to democratize private real estate investing through fintech and multifamily assets.

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Why Allocate to Private Real Estate?

Meet the Needs and Goals of High-Net-Worth Investors

Traditional portfolios that lack alternative assets are not protected against market volatility. Low correlation with equities makes private real estate an asset clients need for diversification.

1) Represents the annual compounded total return achieved from 1/1/2000-9/30/2022. 2) Represents standard deviation of historical quarterly returns from Q1 2000 through Q3 2022 Source: S&P 500 Total Return Index and Barclays US Aggregate Total Return Bond Index (Stock and Bonds), NCREIF-Open End Diversified Core Fund Index (CFI-ODCE) (Private Real Estate).

Portfolio with Real Estate Traditional Portfolio
Stocks 50% 60%
Bonds 30% 40%
Multifamily Real Estate 20% 0%
Risk Return
Annualized Return 1 5.9% 5.1%
Standard Deviation 2 5.5% 5.9%
Sharpe Ratio 0.40 0.11

Build Trust Among Your Clients

A recent survey found that 88% of digital-only investors were interested in switching to a human advisor to help them make future investing decisions. Helping you assist these clients is where we come in.

Source: Vanguard, Quantifying the value of Human and Digital Advice, 2/2/22

Stand Apart From the Rest

In these times, it pays to increase your knowledge about real estate investing. Alternative investing has become necessary to help hedge against inflation and volatile markets. Offering these assets – specifically private real estate – can give you an edge in attracting clients.

How We Help You Stand Out

Alternative Assets

Clients in your practice need diverse portfolios, and private real estate investments can help them hedge against market volatility and inflation. The real estate industry is a specialized market, and we have the expertise to help you find the right investments for your clients’ needs.

Focus on Multifamily Real Estate

The focus on multifamily real estate makes DiversyFund ideally positioned in the industry. The demand for apartment rentals continues to remain high, and this type of property can provide consistent cash flow throughout the lifecycle of the investment.

Accredited and Non-Accredited Options

Our goal is to make investing in real estate accessible for everyone, and that means providing options for accredited and non-accredited investors. This lets people find their ideal investment, and it makes it easy to match your clients with money moves that make sense for them.

Preferred Investor Perks

When your clients invest in one of our Premier Offerings for accredited investors, they’ll automatically receive class B units with increased returns and profit splits.

**Return split formula is applied after a catchup to the Manager following payment to investors of Preferred Return. Up to 12% IRR, then 50 / 50 thereafter.  See The Sections “Distributions From Operations” And “Distributions From Dispositions” in the PPM for this offering for more details about profit splits.

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DiversyFund is dedicated to providing the top-quality service your clients have come to expect when making their investments.

  • Registered Users 500K+
  • Latest Distribution 1.24M
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Our private real estate offerings and REITs are designed to offer investors diversification, low volatility compared to the stock market, and tax efficiency.