DiversyFund Venture Investment Opportunity

Now you can invest in our parent company like a venture capitalist.

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Connect with our team to learn more about this limited opportunity to invest and receive 100% Bonus Shares to new investors in the DiversyFund Venture Investment. Available for a limited time with a minimum $25K investment.  Review our PPM here.

Why Invest in Venture Capital?

Opportunities to get in on the early stages of a company's growth are few and far between – think Google years before it was a household name.

The pre-IPO years are when venture capital investors make game-changing returns. Because they get to invest years before the masses. We’re offering a way to benefit from the upside potential of fintech combined with the downside mitigation provided by tangible real estate profits.

It’s a rare opportunity, providing a way to add a venture capital investment to your portfolio, and one we don’t offer often.

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This Offer Won’t Last Long

If you’re ready to invest like a venture capitalist, we’ve got a bonus offer for you. We’re offering 100% Bonus Shares to new investors in the DiversyFund Venture Investment for a limited time. The last time we offered this investment to a select group of investors was in 2021, and the deal was oversubscribed.

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*Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Investors in DiversyFund, Inc. shares must be verified as accredited. 100% Bonus Shares are offered at the sole discretion of DiversyFund and are subject to certain terms and conditions. Minimum $25K investment. Investing in startups is risky and you should consult your own investment advisers before making an investment decision. Review our PPM here.

DiversyFund can bring important diversification to your portfolio

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